Monday, March 10, 2008

Moroccan women

This goes out to some men who've thought less of a woman because she's Moroccan...

Since when does Moroccan rhyme with sleazy?
With your corrupt minds you’ve often called us easy?
Just because of our attire, you choose to judge,
Keep on messing, we simply won’t hold a grudge
We are proud and confident in our unique identity,
Wonderful mothers, wives, sisters with integrity,
Professors, scientists, doctors, we’re accomplished,
Envy us; it’s more than what you would have wished!
Tolerant, we love our differences and embrace them,
Muslims and Jews, we still sing the same anthem.
You dare put us down because of your own fear,
Seeing such strong women makes you disappear
Behind your oil money and presumptions you hide
Claiming Arabic belonging and a fake sense of pride
Arabs, Moors, Berbers, Moroccans stand united
Our delight in who we are will never be defeated.
You cast heresy on us for being strong and different
Yet, you’re so scared of our refusal and dissent.
We walk tall, unaware of your miserable words,
Remember, we are smarter without being nerds.
You want to conquer us with your oppressiveness
Find yourselves confused, your feelings are a mess
Beauty over beauty, wit and the desire to please,
The crushed fantasies of yours you seek to appease.
Not our women, we’re too good for even all your riches,
If a few succumb, they’re the fruit of what poverty teaches
You preach correct morals yet you overlook your failings
Show much arrogance and disgrace in your dealings.
Know that Moroccan women are beyond and above you
Look elsewhere, this is my piece of advice to you.



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