Monday, March 10, 2008

My man

Some friends asked me about how my man shall be? So this was my answer a few years ago... It has not changed much... Only my outlook on life has become more positive... I would add... Sharing laughter, wit and beautiful moments to make it all worthwhile!

My man shall know the fear and respect of god,
My man shall say his opinion, and not always nod.
My man shall have deep and very sincere eyes
He shall be there for me and never tell me lies
He shall understand and not be too judgmental
His courage and patience should be monumental
My man shall have values and morals above all
I expect him to hold me tight and break my fall
My man should have within him a lot of humor
And not be ready to let go of US just for a rumor
If I start crying, I want him to wipe my tears
And just be there to help me get over my fears
I want my man to be proud, nice and mature
I want to live with him and always feel secure
I want him to hug me back and show me passion
And have mercy on others and also compassion
I want him not necessarily to talk at bad times
Just hold my hands and keep looking into my eyes
I want him to get along with the ones I care for
And know that love is what you gotta stand for
I simply want him to be himself when I'm there
And sometimes be US if I'm gone elsewhere
I also want him to be truthful and have a big heart
And promise me that under love we'll never part...


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